Many times when people find themselves in an unpleasant circumstance, they believe it is from the devil, and when things are going well, they automatically think it’s from God!

Nobody wants to go through pains and frustrations, yet any circumstance that a “Child of God” finds themselves in could be an open door— or a closed door.

For the one who has a relationship with the Father and would care to discover His will and purpose for their lives, a closed door is no less a blessing— than an open door.

For the erring Believer, however, and the one who does not have a relationship with God, a seemingly open door could be a doorway to doom.  And a closed door may be a cesspool with no hope of emergence— except through the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Open and Closed Doors, Justin Adah shares from his personal journeys of trials and triumphs—  as well as from the scripture— how you can begin to have a relationship with God— and learn to trust Him through the tides of life.

You will understand how trials and triumphs shape us all through life and will turn out for your own good and for His glory if you are ready to walk with Him.

Open and Closed Doors discusses how to discern if an “opened door” is a red alert, or if a “closed door” will be for your good and how to discover His will and purpose for your life.


God is partial. While this may sound inconceivable and heretical — the Bible is replete of accounts where God showed a preference for some people over others—especially the covenanted Children of Israel.

In today’s world, there is a throng of people who will identify as Christians yet they don’t experience the fullness of God in their lives. Perhaps, this is so because they are not born of Spirit and water and are still wallowing in the flesh.

Some may even be born-again but are not living completely in obedience for the Master’s use.

God still has favorites—those who agree and submit totally to Him.

That’s the only way His plan for our lives can be fulfilled. And when that happens, we can begin to enjoy his blessings like divine protection, provision and good health and a lot more.

Do you want to see the Almighty God go out of His way for you and become one of His favorites? Then learn how to walk with Him and diligently keep His commandments.